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Google Gmail Motion - April Fool's Day Hoax

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First came the "pigeon-power" search algorithm (accurate but a bit dirty). Then it was switching places with City of Topeka, Kansas. The hoaxes and pranks played by internet search giant Google are affirmations that geeked out Masters and Mistress of Virtual Domain still have great senses of humor, albeit odd ones. Its no difference this April Fool's Day as the Google team introduced the Google Gmail Motion. As Paul McDonald, Product Manager of Gmail, explained, Gmail Motion is an intuitive way to communicate via email. Simply "act" out what you want to do and Gmail Motion will put it into action. By utilizing the web cam and a proprietary algorithm, movement and body language are converted in to commands and written words. The results are two-fold, productivity increased by 12% and body movements equate to much needed exercise. Though its implantation, employers have experienced a leaner, more efficient workforce. Of course, like any activities involving body movements, the should be a clearance of 4-foot or more to avoid physical contacts. Furthermore, Gmail Motion users should take breaks every 30-40 minutes as well as stretch in avoidance of muscle cramps. To find out more on Google Gmail Motion and testimonies from those involved in the project, visit