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Freshness Week In Review: 3/27/2011 4/3/2011

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week in review april 3 2011

It's been another busy week of collaborations, art, design, cars, shoes, and everything else that makes up our world. We can't touch on everything here, but here's a recap of a few of the bigger stories of the week. First off, the trailer for the soon-to-be-released Freshness-exclusive mini-documentary The Three Kings was released this week. Supreme also made news, with the release of a suit done in collaboration with Adam Kimmel (and announcing a Japan benefit T-Shirt). And in Miami, sneaker boutique Sole Fly featured an in-store event with legendary Jordan designer Tinker Hatfield, which was a testament to the man's integral role in sneaker culture. In other Nike news - from the SB department - was the release of the new Eric Koston One, in three colors. And from the Sportswear division, Nike unveiled a remodel of the Bowery Stadium space into an installation devoted to the 1970's era basketball, titled the Spirit of 73. An interesting collaboration between bagmaker SAGLIFE and FUTURA was announced this week too, drawing on the artist's history with cycling culture. And arguably the most notable bag collection this week came as part of the new Indigo capsule collection from Onitsuka Tiger, which includes two beautiful bags. Takashi Murakami, who has transcended categorization as simply an artist, was the subject of a new vinyl figure done by sneaker artist Mike Leavitt. And finally, Freshness covered the opening event of the newest visvim F.I.L. location in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, which showcased the store's artfully done buildout, as well as the attendees and new product. Check out details of all of these stories after the jump.

Freshness Presents: The Three Kings Trailer

In a Freshness exclusive, we recently caught up with Rev Run, Rasheed Young, and Solomon Dabah, to talk about how they built a footwear empire - a journey that began with the seminal rap group's cementing the adidas shelltoe as a cornerstone of rap history, and currently taking form as Phat Farm, Run Athletics, Pastry and Chiv Culture. Freshness has created a two-part mini-documentary about the group's journey, entitled "The Three Kings." Part one of the documentary releases on Freshness on April 16th, 2011; for the time being, check out the trailer above, plus a few behind the scenes photos by following the link below.

>>Freshness Presents: The Three Kings Trailer


Supreme x Adam Kimmel


Supreme made news this week with the release of a suit designed by Adam Kimmel, and with a special T-Shirt to benefit Japan. It turns out that Adam Kimmel and James Jebbia are longtime fans of each other's work, and the two created a really interesting piece of work with the suit. Kimmel designed a suit that skateboarders and others used to casual clothing would feel comfortable wearing; it was something of a gamble for the icon of streetwear, but true to form, the suits and blazers sold out on day one. And the brand also made public it's Japan benefit T-Shirt, featuring the most classic of box logos, given a Japanese rising sun motif. The T-Shirt will release on April 8th, with 100% of proceeds going to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

>>Supreme x Adam Kimmel
>>Supreme Japan Benefit T-Shirt | To Support Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Victims


askTINKER Sole Fly Private Event Recap


That Tinker Hatfield is a godfather of all things Jordan-related, no on can deny. The Nike designer's integral role in sneaker culture was further cemented this week at an event at Sole Fly in Miami, in which customers brought J's to be autographed by Hatfield. Check out the recap below, with various Jordans getting Hatfield's signature, and fans meeting the man behind so many sought-after sneakers.

>>askTINKER Sole Fly Private Event Recap


Nike SB Zoom Eric Koston One


Eric Koston's first signature pro model shoe on Nike SB was released in all three original colorways this week. The Koston One falls on the more technical side of skate footwear spectrum; a relatively streamlined profile is backed up by a painstakingly engineered construction, and high tech materials, such as the double Lunarlon insert.

>>Nike SB Zoom Eric Koston One Sport Red/Tourmaline | Available
>>Nike SB Zoom Eric Koston One Black/Dark Grey-Chambray | Available
>>Nike SB Zoom Eric Koston One Light Concord/Metallic Gold | Available


Nike Stadium NYC Celebrating The Spirit Of 73


The Bowery Stadium space is one of Nike's most prominent public-facing nerve centers of creativity. The space is also redone and remodeled with surprising frequency; the latest iteration sees the space transformed into a shrine to 1970's basketball in New York City. Along with the remodel/installation, new options for customization are being offered by Stadium MFG, so visitors can incorporate some of what was a golden era for basketball, (and a checkered period in the city's history) into basketball-related apparel.

>>Nike Stadium NYC Celebrating The Spirit Of 73




Futura is well known for his love of cycling, and the artist, a graffiti godfather, has done a number of cycling-related projects and products. FUTURA LABORATORIES has collaborated a number of times with cycling apparel maker Descente, and the artist customized a number of bicycles for Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong. Now Futura has gotten together with SAGLIFE, a bag maker favored by the new generation of fixed gear hipster. The collaboration includes three pieces - a backpack, messenger bag, and radio/mobile phone case.



Onitsuka Tiger Indigo Backpack & Waistbag

onitsuka_tiger_indigo_bagpack and waistbag

Mountaineering style backpacks with updated technical style are one of the breakout trends of the year, and Onitsuka Tiger has a contender here. The Indigo Collection, from the company more commonly associated with throwback athletic sneakers, also includes a waist bag, with the same appealing styling.

>>Onitsuka Tiger Indigo Backpack & Waistbag


Mike Leavitt Takashi Murakami Action Figure


It's been a long time since Takashi Murakami could be called simply an artist. Murakami has filled the Versailles with his fantastic anime-inspired art, created a new look for Louis Vuitton, and had his smiley flowers flown as giant Macy's Parade balloons. So it's hard to be surprised that the artist has been made into a vinyl figure, by Mike Leavitt, an artist long associated with sneaker culture.

>>Mike Leavitt Takashi Murakami Action Figure


F.I.L. Wan Chai Opening Party Event Recap | Hong Kong


Hardly a week has gone by in the past few months without some mention of visvim. The brand has been prolific with releases for the new year, and has been very busy on the business front, with shows around the world. This week Freshness offered a recap of the latest F.I.L. location opening, in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The F.I.L. flagship stores offer product with an additional level of exclusivity, for a label that is already among the most tightly controlled in the world. The event featured an outdoor screening of a short visvim film, and of course Hiroki was on hand to host the event.

>>F.I.L. Wan Chai Opening Party Event Recap | Hong Kong