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Oakley - Jupiter The Tree Frog Collection | Preview

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Little known to outsiders that eyewear label Oakley indeed does have a company mascot, though it isn't what most people think. That might all change this Summer when Oakley launches its Jupiter Collection - a line of eyewear in homage of a tree frog. Appeared first on one of the first marketing material for Oakley Frogskins, the red-eyed tree frog affectionately named Jupiter quickly became a company lore for his (or hers) "temperamental personalty", at least according to subsequent advertisements. Yet, it was the tree frog's ability to survive under extreme adversities and those red eyes that made it extremely recognizable among early Oakley customers. The Jupiter The Tree Frog Collection is to encompass the Gascan, the Split Jacket, and of course the Frogskin, all to same greenish-black color tone on its  frame and slightly Red Iridium lens, to name a few unique features. All to be available in May 2011.

Photography: Yu-Ming for Freshness

Release Date: May 2011








Oakley Frogskins ad featuring Jupiter from the Staple Design x Oakley 35th Anniversary Event.