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LeBron James Presents The LeBrons Animated Series: Stay On The Court | Episode 2

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The LeBrons Cartoon Episode 2_2

The animated series The LeBrons is built around a series of positive educational messages, and in episode 2, that message is: be true to yourself. In the episode, Kid Lebron and pals are playing a game of HORSE at the local court, when they're distracted by an attractive sunbather, an exchange student from China. Kid LeBron, in an attempt to impress the young co-ed, tries to high dive at the pool, with embarrassing results. Luckily, his basketball skills are enough to win her over, proving that all he needed to do in the first place was keep it real. As usual, there is massive product placement, but it's a well made cartoon, and very worth a watch. Check it out after the jump, and stay tuned for episode 3.