Air Jordan Spizike - Spike Lee PEs


If you saw the ESPN 30 For 30 special on Reggie Miller, then you either learned about or remembered the huge impact that Spike Lee had on the post-seasons of yesteryear, as he either got in the heads of opponents or sparked them to push themselves a bit further than they may have gone without Spike's taunting. His legacy as a fan and sneaker icon doesn't lag too far behind his day job reputation as a prolific and sometimes incendiary director. After a stint as Mars Blackmon in the famous Air Jordan ads, Spike got his own fusion model from Jordan Brand that has seen many releases and enjoyed consistent success. With the Knicks back in contention, this New York Knicks team has re-invigorated the Big Apple, and just in time, Jordan Brand hooked up Spike with both an orange and a blue pair of Spiz'ikes for the playoffs. Don't be surprised to see these on Spike's feet on Sunday, when the Knicks will play at home for the first playoff games in many years. via Spike Lee // Complex