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Wayne Dorrington - Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back | Retold In Icons

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Any Star Wars fans from the days before the "prequels" will tell you Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, with its engaging plots and sub-plots, was the best among the subsequent 6 films. But in re-telling the film with just screen shots, quotes, and a portion of the screenplay in the "post prequel" era isn't too easy. Thankfully, there is Wayne Dorrington, a self described "six foot-three slightly overweight ginger-bearded four-eyed socially awkward" graphic designer who created something quite unique, his Star Wars Episode V Retold in Iconoscope. In his own portfolio blog, comically titled "I should really get out more", Dorrington created, or re-created, the sci-fi classic scene by scene, with only the use of icons (and occasion smileys for dialogue). No words if Dorrington will transcribe the rest of the Star Wars saga. via: FC

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