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INSA - "Online Love" GIF-ITTI Project At White Walls

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Straight after his exhibition at Upper Playground, INSA embarked upon a mural project at White Walls of UNIT 44. Certainly this wasn't the first mural done by the artist, but it was an opportunity to "experiment" at bit. Titled as "Online Love", the creative is known as "GIF-ITTI" where the odd punctuation gives clue to how its done. Done over a period of 3 days and 4 separate painting sessions, upon which layers of graphics were either covered or added. Photos taken during each session were then compiled into the antiquated GIF format. As dramatic as viewing INSA's new masterpiece in person, the true magic of it is when seeing through computer. The compiled still shots come to life in the form of a rudimentary animation. via: UP

UNIT 44 - White Walls
Hoults Yard, Unit 44, Walker Road | Map
Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 2HL England