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Jaryn Miller - Senza Bike Lock System Concept

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No longer limited to the hipster scene or adrenaline junkie/messengers, the bike is now the preferred mode of transportation for citizenry in urban areas, especially the Big Apple. Its ability to snake through congested traffic is peerless, even one of NYC's Bravest have utilized it for commute to her fire house. But what of the incessant risk of theft? Industrial designer Jaryn Miller pitched his creation as the answer, the Senza Bike Lock System. Just a concept at this point, the Senza essentially kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Integrated as the bike's handlebar, by attaching the handle components together, a U-Lock is form. And because of its forgiving design, the Senza Bike Lock can envelope objects of larger diameters. One other piece fits around the bike seat post and secure the rear wheel to the frame. For the cyclist, the Senza do away with the need to carry additional gear. For the potential bike thief, breaking the Senza means no handlebar, render the bike inoperable. via: DB