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Nike – Mars Blackmon x Michael Jordan Trading Cards

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A relic from the days before Jordan Brand. The recent tie-ins between subculture artifacts and mainstream consumerism may just be the start. Genres like comic books and trading cards, once thought as “has-been” might be for a comeback. Thus making this “unboxing sequence” all the more intriguing. Before there was the Nike subsidiary known to all as Jordan Brand, there was just Nike. Before Spike Lee became the starker/fan at MSG court side, he was Mars Blackmon. And Michael Jordan was still… Michael Jordan. In direct collation to the popularity of trading cards at the time, Nike, perhaps wrongly, put out a series of trading card. Featuring Michael Jordan, Mars Blackmon, and those memorable commercials. 6 graphics/cards to select from, along with a point-of-purchase case for in-store display, all are available on eBay. In the meantime, check out these images as JordansDaily unwrapped one of these collectable circa 1991.

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