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PUMA House Tokyo | By nendo (Oki Sato)

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While trained as an architect at the prestigious Waseda University of Japan, Oki Sato of the firm nendo is known to have a penchant for a multitude of disciplines. Based on the desire, "Giving people a small "!" moment. There are so many small "!" moments hidden in our everyday.", which also doubles as his firm's mission statement, Sato created the new PUMA House in Tokyo. Located at the trendy Aoyama neighborhood, PUMA House, like its designer, is a multiplicity interior space. It functions not only as showroom for media/press, but an event and gallery space for special occasions. Created in modularity, the sparse locale filled with "staircases", an effort that not functions as display for products, a testing platform for footwear, and furnishing for visitor to rest upon. Their zig-zag natures also bring on a sense of character to the space. via: db