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Audi A7 Papercraft Model

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Audi A7 Paper Model

Audi has launched a number of notable, creative, and well executed ad campaigns in recent years, highlighting key company milestones, high tech product improvements, and new models. As part of the campaign behind the new A7, Audi retained graphic design artist Taras Lesko to create a paper model of the new full size sedan. Lesko used 285 clean sheets of paper, which he folds and assembles by hand. Using photos and drawings of the A7, he designed 750 model pieces out of card stock, which he then printed, folded and glued together. Lesko also used a laser printer, two desktop cutting plotters, glue and an X-ACTO knife - and after 245 hours, he had created his own bold vision. Luckily, Audi condensed that down into a short video, which highlights the whole process, and the finished piece of design. Check it out after the jump, and check out Audi's Facebook-driven microsite for the project.