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Pharrell Williams Officially Joins Karmaloop TV | Video

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Mentioned already in a brief posting yesterday evening, Pharrell Williams released an official video announcement this afternoon of his creative (and equity) stake in Karmaloop TV. The Grammy winning musician, producer, frontman of N.E.R.D. , just to named a few, this new platform allows Williams to become an emissary of sort to the growing youth culture. In his statement, Williams addressed Karmaloop TV will "once again give intelligent and creative youth culture a voice and a TV entertainment brand they can call their own, something that has been missing for a long time now. We intend to create amazing programming that really speaks to this group and is innovative, fun and groundbreaking. Progressive youth culture is hungry for different content than what is out there now they are currently massively underserved." Greg Selkoe, Founder of Karmaloop and CEO of the new venture added ""We're delighted and honored that he has joined our effort to create a multi-platform brand that will once again excite cutting edge youth culture about TV, just as MTV did in the 1980s." Heads by Katie McEnroe, former President of AMC Network, Karmaloop TV is slated to be available later this year as a cable television channel.