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ZOZOTOWN Online Shopping Site Expansion Plan - To Include Chinese, Korean, English Support

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What started as a side business selling hard-to-find albums from New York to friends back in Tokyo, Yusaku Maezawa never imagined that his endeavor will not be a multimillion dollar company but also a catalyst in changing his fellow Japanese shopping habits. Now in its 13th year, Maezawa's entrepreneurial pursuit, START TODAY, and its ZOZOTOWN online retail concept, will begin a new phase in business development. Towards end of this month, May 2011, ZOZOTOWN will add a new online domain address, With this simple alteration, the Japanese online shopping site effectively starts its global expansion with language support for Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and English. START TODAY also made the necessary improvements in logistic, product processing, and payment acceptance. Purchases done from outside of Japan can be ship to 82 different destinations worldwide with more to follow. Payment too, first through PayPal with more options to come at later. No longer just mere "window shopping", the new ZOZOTOWN expansion means no shopper have to sit out on buying that rare Japan only Air Jordan.