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Google Martha Graham 117th Birthday Search Page Doodle | Animation Video

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Couldn't quite make of it at first? Was it a celebration of martial arts in general? Or was it commemoration on the current Google I/O conference? At a closer glimpse, the animated figures were actually in-motion to spell each letter of "Google" in honor of the late Martha Graham, a founding figure in modern dance. A far cry from the lavish settings of ballet or musical attributions that one found in popular dance. Graham's interpretation in dance were often stark and sparse. Similar to the Bauhaus movement in architecture, Graham stripped away all but the bare essentials, be it the story or the human souls, and express through strict motions. On what would be her 117th birthday, Google asked artist/animator Ryan Woodward and members of Martha Graham Dance Company for a short clip of 6 dancing figures in likeness of Graham's signature forms. See what the resulting animation after jump.