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Shepard Fairey x Lance Armstrong x Team RadioShack

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Delved right into the start of AMGEN Tour of California this weekend, Team RadioShack prepares to win the week-long cycling competition in brand new uniforms. Designed in part by Shepard Fairey of Obey, along with his design agency Studio Number One, the new appearance of Team RadioShack conveys a message of unity, energy, and speed. Asked by Lance Armstrong, Fairey and Studio #1 Art Director Casey Ryder took the iconic Red/Black theme of Radio Shack, along with elements of Armstrong's legacy, not just in cycling but particularly his LIVESTRONG initiatives in the fight against cancer. The result was a graphical representation of all that matter to the members of Team RadioShack, Studio Number One, and Shepard Fairey himself. The new team aesthetics will cover not only cycling uniforms, apparels, but the team tour bus, support vehicles, and the bikes themselves. In the meantime, AMGEN Tour of California will start this Sunday, May 15th, at Lake Tahoe.