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Gucci Hi Top Lace-Up Sneaker | With Interlocking-G Details

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His appearances in Coachella and London have certainly helped. But the fact remains, no one is certainly when will (or if) Nike and Kanye West launch his eponymous creation, the Air Yeezy 2. To that extend, this could be a suggested replacement till the launch – Gucci Hi Top Lace Up Sneakers. Imprinted with Interlocking-Gs, a trim of cuir leather complete the ankle cuff and lace eyelets. An overlay in crocodile acts as mudguard around the forefoot. Finally, a rubber sole completes the premium package. Available in either beige or black, at all Gucci flagship stores and the luxury label’s official online store.

Gucci New York Flagship

725 Fifth Avenue | Map

New York, NY 10022

TEL #: 212-826-2600

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