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Nike 6.0 BMX - Mavrk Low 2 With Flex Wrap | Available Now

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The creation of its Nike Dunk Gyrizo was an invaluable lesson for the Nike design team. While it was a project intended to be only for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Elements of it have transcended to other models along with one realization - the need of a BMX-specific product. Entered the first Mavrk from Nike 6.0, a resilience design suitable for any terrain, yet on appearance, very similar to the Nike Skateboarding line. In its constant strive to perfect their design, both Nike and Nike 6.0 will introduce the Mavrk's replacement, the Mavrk Low 2. Similar to the lessons learned back in 2008, designers added numerous upgrades, though stayed the ones that worked well. Same vulcanized rubber sole with Phylon midsole for lightweight shock absorption, the Mavrk Low 2 also retained the design cues from that of Nike SB product line, long favorites of Nike 6.0 BMX riders Dennis Enarson and Nigel Sylvester. The crucial addition, however, was the Flex Wrap outsole. The concept came when designers noticed the action of "pedaling" was like that of "running" or "walking", Flex Wrap is a sport-specific outsole inspired by the Nike Free. Made of 8 articulated pieces, each pivot forward or back independently though more rigid than the ones found on Nike Free running shoes. The Flex Wrap outsole will also appear in Mavrk Mid 2, Brazen, Braata Premium, Dunk SE, and Melee of Nike 6.0 line.