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Lamborghini Sesto Elemanto

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When it comes to supercars, only few brands pop into mind. Lamborghini has been a tough contender in the competitive segment and its newest super exclusive Sesto Elemanto is claimed to be the most expensive and fastest car in the world, surpassing the Bugatti Veyron. Due to its high price and extreme attention to detail, there will only be 20 of these cars available in the world. The vehicle is constructed from carbon fiber and carbon fiber reinforced plastic to achieve maximum power to weight ratio of 1.75kg per horsepower. Its V10 5.2 liter engine produces 570 horsepower with a 398lb of torque. Top speed is clocked over 200 miles per hour and the 0 to 62 miles per hour is an eye blinking 2.5 seconds. If you have a spare $2.92 million in your bank account then proceed to the Lamborghini website to order the supercar, which will be commencing production in October. via: automotto