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ZOZOTOWN Online Shopping Site - New + Improved | Now With Chinese, Korean, English Support

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In bold letterings and blaring fonts, START TODAY the parent company of ZOZOTOWN online retail concept, started this morning as an international shopping destination for the very first time.  Already the most popular online shopping site in Japan for fashionable goods, ZOZOTOWN added a new web domain address, The simple alteration also mark additional language supports for Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and English. START TODAY also made the necessary improvements in logistic, product processing, and payment acceptance. Purchases done from outside of Japan can be ship to 82 different destinations worldwide with more to follow.  Meanwhile, direct payment via PayPal help to eliminate credit issues and currency differences. The 500,000+ merchandises from some 700 brands are searchable through either "category" or "brand" methodology.  The retailer also promised fast delivery through air freight, with a 4-day lapse to most places.  The new ZOZOTOWN also means one thing, no shopper have to sit out on buying that rare Japan only Air Jordan.