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Complex Magazine - Summer 2011 Issue | Featuring Rick Ross + Andy Samberg

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Think hip-hop impresario Rick Ross can't get any more monumental than his Mayback Music Group? Think again. To jump start this summer, Complex Magazine asked for and got an unlikely pairing for its June/July 2011 issue - Rick Ross and musical comedian Andy Samberg of Lonely Island/Saturday Night Live fame. Through the magic of Photoshop and Illustrator, Complex recreated the originals movie poster for Jaws II. Except Samberg became the unsuspecting water skier with a menacing Rick Ross at the ready to chew him up as "The Jaws". Despite the ominous appearance, the larger-than-life Ross and harlequin-like Samberg actually share many traits, including their fear of Carrot Top (the comedian) and the possibility of Blizzard Man improv on Ross' next project. Read the complete (and hilarious) interview when Complex Magazine June/July 2011 Issue hits news stands June 7th. Check out portion of the interview on video below or you preview the complete interview here.