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Kogeto Dot - Panoramic Add-On Lens For Apple iPhone

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Though this isn't the first Apple iPhone attachment which allows you to take panoramic images and/or videos, its simple form factor is what sets Dot apart from the rest. Previewed at the start of TechCrunch Disrupt conference today, Dot from New York start-up Kogeto offers an affordable and simple solution in creating a panoramic video with your Apple iPhone. Comes with Kogeto proprietary app that allows you to view playbacks or share among your contacts, the software also lets you broadcast the video in real-time. One major drawback however, users must position their iPhone face down in order to optimally record a 360-degree video. This means no ability to see the process first hand. Even with this hitch, the Kogeto Dot is certainly a viable add-on that offers an boundless amount of applications to come in the near future. Currently, Kogeto's founder, Jeff Glasse, is asking pledges starting at $1 at KICKSTARTER as ongoing funding for Dot. If you're feeling generous and believe Dot will bring about changes to how we use our smartphone, you can pledge $98. As a thankful gesture, Kogeto will invite you to Dot's launch party next month, your very own Kogeto Dot, and "a hug". via: CrunchGear