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The LeBrons Episode 7: Drake


Drake hasn't been shy about his connections at Jordan Brand, constantly showing off upcoming retro models months before their release. So his Jordan game is on point, but where's the LeBron love? While he hasn't been seen in much LeBron footwear, Drake did drop one of his most noteworthy anthems, "Forever", on the soundtrack to the to LeBron James's More Than a Game documentary. The two come together again, this time in the new episode of The LeBrons, where Drake shows up to a community event and almost gets pulled into a rap battle. Drake and LeBron James definitely have a lot in common, both rocketing to the forefront of their respective fields and dominating at a young age. It only made sense that the two would collide again at some point, but who could have guessed it would be via James's animated YouTube series The LeBrons? Follow us after the jump to watch the whole video now.