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NOWNESS - Diary Of Cannes | Featuring Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, & Kanye West

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Highly stylized and often comical, directors Carlo Lavagna and Roberto de Paolis took on the unenviable task of documenting the 10 days of Cannes Film Festival in their Diary of Cannes. With haste and plenty of hustle, the pair followed up sailboat mast with director Spike Jonze for an impromptu stunt, a non-linear interview with another director, Michel Gondry, about his role as the Short Film Jury, and short tidbit moment about honor with Takashi Miike. Splashed in between in brief segment, a concert with Kanye West, a red carpet interview with Jamie Foxx, and night vision shot of Michelle Rodriguez. Enjoy "the fast and the fury" of Cannes!