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24 Hours of Le Mans - 2011 Spotter Guides | By Andy Blackmore Design + Nissan

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In little less than 12 hours from now, 56 cars in 4 classifications will make their ways around Circuit of the Sarthe for the more renowned race in motor sport, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. At an average speed of 130 miles per hour, along with the course's twists and turns, its proven to be a difficult competition to track by spectators, even with the latest advancements in optical technology. To assist the process of recognizing and cheering on your favorite team, Andy Blackmore Design, in conjunction with Nissan, assembled the 24 Hours of Le Mans Spotter Guide for the 2011 race. Detailed facsimiles of 56 cars classified by car numbers, there is a further itemization for each from category (color code), team, car model. drivers, to even their tires.  Different versions are available - a low-res for quick references, a high-res edition for print out, to a PDF form for iPhone or iPad, all can be found on  A handy tool to have for any racing fans.