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Audi - A Day In The Life Of An Audi Drive | Video With Allan McNish

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By now, the name "Allan McNish" is becoming indistinguishable to the horrendous crash at the start of Le Mans 24 Hours., when his Audi R18 TDI #3 slammed against the barrier and literally disintegrated. But Allan McNish is also known as a skillful driver with 2 wins at Le Mans, the first time as a GT1 driver for Porsche in 1998 and a second time in 2008 as LMP1 driver for Audi. In this pre-race introduction from Audi Motorsport, McNish condensed the challenges of racing at Le Mans into a two-and-half minutes commercial. With help from illustrator Tim Marrs, McNish animately described everything from the g-force induced 24 kg (or 52 pounds) of pressure on his helmet during each turn to his heart rate and other factors. A fascinating perspective in understanding why Le Mans is held as one of the most prestigious motorsport races.