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Notone Preheat South Beach Jacket


When LeBron first had the sports world going wild with "The Decision" his Pre-Heat shoe, the South Beach colorway of the Nike Lebron VIII's, was the perfect shoe to capture the madness. The South Beaches were an instant classic, with the unique pink and blue combo really setting them apart as a special moment in the LeBron line. While he fell short of a championship ring again this year, the hype surrounding LeBron's footwear hasn't died down one bit. This jacket by Notone appropriates the glamorous feel of the South Beaches, sporting a Miami skyline on a blue backdrop with a hot pink script lining the arms and back. Whether you wanna match this with your pair of South Beaches, or you missed out on a pair and still want something to commemorate that giant moment in LeBron history, this jacket is a definite cop. Continue reading for the rest of the photos and head over to Osneaker to pick one up.