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Nike Basketball EPIC - NBA Player's Data Visualization

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Any naysayers on the viability and the importance of data visualization should take a spin on the new EPIC by Nike Basketball's official website.  From the minds over at creative agency R/GA, the same folks which developed Nike's online store and subsequently the NikeID concept, the EPIC Data Visualization linked all the NBA players on Nike Basketball's roster on a grid map.  During the NBA Play-Offs and the Finals, tabulations on number of Tweets per hour arranged the player's position on the grid.  But more than just a visual gimmickry, the EPIC also dispensed historical stats and up-to-date information regarding each player, their tools of the trade, plus photos and videos. The all encompassing site is informational, fun, and most important element of them all, easy to navigate through. This also asks the question on why NBA hasn't revamp their own website yet to something more streamline?