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Freshness Presents: The Three Kings Part 2

We're back again with Part 2 of the exclusive Freshness mini documentary The Three Kings, an in depth look at the powerhouse team of Rev Run, Rasheed Young, and Solomon Dabah. In Part 1 we showed you the foundations of the partnership, documenting how these three men came together to form the Run Athletics empire. Part 2 focuses on the wildly successful offshoots of Run Athletics, the lines like Pastry and Chiv Culture that are being lead by the next generation of Simmons. Even those young brands are already doing crazy numbers, a testament to the business acumen of the Three Kings and to the creative approach taken by the likes of Angela Simmons, Diggy Simmons, and Vanessa Simmons. Check out the full video exclusively here at Freshness to see how it all came together.