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Hangover 2 - Lawsuit Against Facial Tattoo Settled

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A seemingly innocent gag at first, the Maori-like facial tattoo found on actor Ed Helm almost pushed the premiere date for the movie Hangover 2. It was due to a lawsuit brought on by tattoo artist S. Victor Whitmill against Hangover 2's studio, Warner Bros., who claimed the replica infringed the copyright of his original creation on boxer Mike Tyson's face. Initially, Whitmill's case would hold up the release of Hangover 2. Fortunately for fans, the court sided with the studio that an injunction would do irreparable damage since it already spent $80 million dollars in promotion, though the "tattoo lawsuit" had enough merit to continue. Yesterday came the news that the Missouri-base Whitmill finally settled with Warner Bros. Details on the settlement have not been disclosed. What is known, Warner Bros. agreed to "digitally alter" the tattoo on the DVD version of the film. As for Hangover 2, it became the highest-grossing worldwide debut for a comedy when it passed The Simpsons Movie and raked in $177.8 million on its opening weekend. The film also became the highest-grossing R-rated comedy ever this week with a total of $488,674,000 in ticket sales since it opened back in May.


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