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Ai Weiwei - Dissident Chinese Artist Released After 81 Days In Jail

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Ng Han Guan/AP

In a surprising move today, the police department in Beijing released dissident artist Ai Weiwei after 81 days of incarceration. A staunch critic of the Communist regime in China presented in both his artworks and his outspoken nature, the Chinese authority arrested Ai back in April 3rd just before the artist was to fly to Hong Kong. Subsequently, his detention brought about criticisms and backlash from international community, especially those from the art world. While the Chinese government never clearly state the crimes Ai committed except for tax evasion by his company, Beijing Fake Cultural Development Ltd., many have stressed those charges to be trumped-up as well. Ai is currently on bail at the moment but with "good behavior" might have all charges against him dropped. via: NYTimes


Ng Han Guan/AP