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Apple - Faster iPhone 5 + iPhone "Lite" In September | Rumor

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A warning to those who have aspirations to become reporters on the technology front when it comes to "news" about Apple, always treat them as rumors unless they are coming from the company itself. Even then, take them with a block of salt. After yesterday's rumor about the potential of iPhone 5 announcement in August, business news network Bloomberg added more fuel to the flame with purported details. The so-called Apple iPhone 5 will be a faster, more powerful smartphone with the new A5 processor, one of Apple own design and currently in the iPad 2. Another upgrade will be its camera, from the 5-megapixel in iPhone 4 to a 8-megapixel in iPhone 5. Additionally, unnamed source also told Bloomberg of the possible launch of "iPhone Lite", a thinner, lighter version of the now iPhone 4. If this is the case, Apple will continue its domination of the smartphone market with both a top-of-the line product in the form of iPhone 5 and a cheaper, entry level product in the likeness of iPhone Lite. However, like all rumors, these are just speculations, including the first reported announcement in August. Now, Bloomberg stated it will be in September at all. via: FC