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Coltrane Curtis To Sell His 1200 Pairs Sneaker Collection For $40,000

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From's styling segment Overdrive to his own marketing agency Team Epiphany, Coltrane Curtis, the self-professed shopaholic posted a cryptic Twitter message earlier today, I AM SELLING MY ENTIRE SNEAKER COLLECTION!!! As recent as last month, Curtis, a known sneaker addict showcased some his kicks for the magazine Time Out New York. From that to this sudden sale announcement of some 1200 pairs seemed to be a bit unsettling, till Curtis confirmed it with Freshness just moments ago. The sale of such an extensive collection at fixed price is for a good reason, the Curtis is transforming his "sneaker room" into a "baby room" for the new addition to the family. However, not wanting his hard gained loot to end up with some re-seller, Curtis stipulated that the sale is only open to "...celebs, real-rappers and weight-movers ONLY." at a price tag of $40,000. If you fit into those categories, you can contact Curtis via his Twitter or Facebook page. In the mean time, congratulation is in order to both Mr. and Mrs. Curtis. images via: TONY