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KAWS + Erik Parker - "Pretty on the Inside" Exhibition | Paul Kasmin Gallery

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A joint curation project between KAWS and German painter, now New York based Erik Parker is now on display at Paul Kasmin Gallery in NYC. Titled "Pretty On The Inside", the group exhibition also included 50+ works by friends of both artists - Todd James, Tony Matelli (the "meat" artist), Joyce Pensato, Peter Saul, and Karl Wirsum. A study of juxtaposition between traditional subject matters and modern interpretations, the collection of works yield a curious mix of bright colors, abstract shapes, along with forms that have subtle recognition. Ever so dramatic in the way each painting and sculpture "pop" at you at first glance. Yet, they all resonate some familiarity subconsciously, true to the gallery's tagline "...the artists included make ironic or subversive works, hijacking the language of cartoons and comics to both celebrate and criticize contemporary culture..." Pretty On The Inside will be on going from now till August 19th. via: Arrested Motion

Paul Kasmin Gallery
293 Tenth Avenue | Map
New York, NY 10001
TEL #: 212-563-4474

Exhibition Date: Now - August 19th, 2011 (Friday)