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Mark By Mark Zuckerberg - Fashion For Men | Gag Fashion Label

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An equal opportunity offender on 3 fronts, Mark By Mark Zuckerberg is a new gag fashion label from the minds at On & True. Inspired by the daily wear of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and eventual "Ruler of the World", Mark By Mark Zuckerberg is a fashionable take on the essential apparels every wanna billionaire geeks should have in their closet - terry cloth bath robe, a pair of sandals (massage footbed optional), plus a continue supply of self advertising t-shirts and hoods. In addition to the Marc by Marc Jacobs-esque parody, Mark By Mark Zuckerberg also sells the ever popular "Goldman Sack", the men's tote to store your venture capitalists' presentation materials. Possible trend setting fashion, on the expense of Mark Zuckerberg of course...