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Damien Hirst x Supreme - Limited Edition Skate Decks | Available Again

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Damien Hirst is certainly not a poster boy for the term "starving artist". His controversial artworks, which already netted him millions, complement with his business acumen have enriched the artist an estimated net worth of $388 million. And that was during an art market low back in 2009. One such tactful dealing by Hirst will take place on Thursday, July 12th, at the artist's publishing venture, Other Criteria, where 200 skate decks will be for sale again. Originally from the 2009 collaboration, where Supreme produced a run of 500 with 100 more artist proof editions. Hirst gets to keep 200 artist proof editions as well.

Of the 200 decks that will be for sale, 40 will be signed by Hirst and comes with a recent drawing by the artist. Price? Around $1,945 per deck, close to a 2000% mark-up from the original Supreme prices. Not to shabby for an artist. Sale will start in store on July 12th with online purchase available starting July 14th.

Release Dates:
July 12th, 2011 (Tuesday) - Store Only
July 14th, 2011 (Thursday) - Online

Other Criteria
14 Hinde Street | Map
London, W1U 3BG England
TEL #: +44-20-7935-5550