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Google+ project | Google's New Attempt At Social Media

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A market capitalization at $198.88 billion dollars, search engine giant Google really defines the word "giant", though it is not without faults. One area its surely lacking in presence is social media, where Facebook, Twitter, and numerous smaller start-ups have dominated the last few years. Sure, these competitors lacked ability to profit from their popularity, as least for now. In gaining back some momentum and market share in this highly lucrative realm, Google announced the Google+ project. Then, we've been down this path before with Google, remember Google Wave? or Google Buzz? Just how different will be Google+ project? First and foremost, the concept is asking user to try it, much like the inception of Gmail. Google's mantra of simplicity came into play with the initial design as well. Functions are grouped into 5 categories, each with their own icons - Circles, Hangouts, Instant Upload, Sparks, and Huddle. While its very easy to see the similarities between Google+ and Facebook, Google stress its new take on social media is quite a different animal. To drive that point home, it created a total of 6 different tutorial videos, a general overview along one for each of the 5 functionality. As to whether the king of search will dethrone the king of social media? We will soon find out.