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A Bathing Ape x Rocky Mountain Featherbed Co. - Down Vests | Preview

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Pitting opposing design themes against one another can result in something quite significant. This is especially true when one is a bastion of street fashion, A Bathing Ape (BAPE), and the other a cornerstone of Americana chic, Rocky Mountain Featherbed Co. As significant as it is intriguing, both recently collaborated on a down vest collection for Fall/Winter 2011 seasons. Each brought their signatures, Rocky Mountain Featherbed Co. with its outdoor work wear-inspired Sherpa lining and leather yoke while BAPE put its mark in the trademark A Bathing Ape plaid pattern in red/green, black/grey, and original color schemes.  Price set at ¥65,940, or around $816 with availability to come later this year in Japan. via: HB