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Coachella Music Festival 2011 - Main Stage Designed By UVA | Video

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Is a concert stage merely a pile of steel tubings, electrical cables, speakers and lights? The UK-base United Visual Artists (UVA) thought otherwise as it formulated the basis for Coachella Music Festival 2011's main stage. The brilliance behind its final creation was UVA's approach - to make the stage as a stand alone art installation. Influences from 1977 Sci-Fi classic, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the collective team of Matt Clark, Ben Kreukniet, and Ash Nehru dove into the project, from design to its construction. Finally, accompanied by the surreal musical score by fellow collaborator Mira Calix, the massive stage came alive in front of thousand during Coachella's first day and quite quickly became an attraction of its own. See the videos, from behind-the-scene to the stage's unveiling back in April, by the Creators Project, after the jump.