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Beck's Green Box Project: Arne Quinze - Rock Strangers at Statue of Liberty | Augmented Reality Gallery

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With growing constraint on art funding, be it from public or private sectors, artists have to show restraint with their most ambitious projects and cater to what the markets want. The Green Box Project hopes to correct that trend. Wholly sponsored by Beck's Beer with Nick Knight of SHOWstudio fame and Grammy winning producer Sam Spiegel at the helm, the 3-year long project will help to establish the first ever Augmented Reality Gallery across major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Rome and Milan. Through out its course, Beck's Green Box Project will fund around 1,000 art works from an impressive list of notable artists - Bompas & Parr, LuckyMe, Stephen Burks, Meryl Smith, Reed + Rader, Sage Vaughn, Shaniqwa Jarvis, Kate MccGwire, Kenneth Cappello, Kathy Grayson, Petra Storrs, Steven Harrington, Andrew Kuo, Austra, Hannah Barry, Hussein Chalayan, UVA, and more. The works will then be showcase virtually via the spell-binding powers of augmented reality.

To view the works, simply download the free app for iPhone, iPad and Android phones from iTunes and locate the 30 or so green boxes placed around the mentioned cities. Then, view the box through the installed software and the hidden assets of art in each comes alive. As the project gain momentum, Beck's plans to place around 1000 Green Boxes all over the world as well as open submission for any artist to participate in the sponsorship and exhibit of their works.

To initiate the process, Belgian artist Arnes Quinze had the honor to unveiled his work yesterday. Located on top of the Statue of Liberty's torch, Rock Strangers is a massive fragmented flame measured around 200-foot in height. Yet the sculpture is completely digital and only visible through digital devices with the Beck's Green Box Project app. See the series of video below in explaining this inventive global initiative.