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CONVERSE Rubber Tracks | A Community Based Recording Studio

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Struggling musicians will tell you one of the biggest hurdles they face is the high cost of renting time at a professional recording studio. Sympathetic to their plight, CONVERSE, whose shoes have been worn by garage bands since the birth of rock 'n' roll, has today announced the official opening of CONVERSE Rubber Tracks, a state of the art recording facility in Brooklyn, New York, open to all musicians. Admission, by the way, is FREE. Through an online application process, unsigned acts will have the opportunity to record original songs with a team of professional engineers.

The first round of musicians to benefit from the project are entering the studio today. Five bands, all from the New York/New Jersey area, and running the gamut from R&B to psychedelic rock, will have access to first-rate equipment and instruments.  When they're finished, they'll retain the rights to their music. The project will be a springboard for these artists in another way: publicity. Video content on the Web will feature behind-the-scenes recording sessions, video testimonials and an opportunity to record the track of the week. A boon to the DIY aesthetic and a blow to traditional record labels, the CONVERSE Rubber Tracks project is a chance for the brand to align themselves with up-and-coming artists as well as a way to say thanks to the musicians who've supported them. See the course of the studio built-out on an amazing time lapse video after the jump...