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visvim Summit Papoose Stripe Backpack | Behind The Scenes Video

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For a while now, it's seemed as though any discussion about the Japanese brand visvim has had to include grumbling about its exorbitant pricing, to the point where the topic has become fodder for various Internet memes, circulated by admirers and detractors alike. Hiroki Nakamura, meanwhile, soldiers on, producing hand-knit kimonos that cost more than your car. His philosophy, that the hefty price tags are the welcome tradeoff for painstaking craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, is the unspoken message behind a new video that visvim has produced. The clip examines the building of the label's new Summit Papoose Stripe Backpack, juxtaposing stunning images of desert landscapes with the unique way the bag is sourced, using modern methods to replicate the one of a kind fabrics that craftsmen once made by hand on wooden looms. Click below to see the full artfully shot video. via OEN