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Levi's: Go Forth Murals

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Levi's was built on the backs of pioneers who settled the American West. As a nod to this heritage, Levi's, partnering with Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, have tapped the services of Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto, who goes by the name Vhils, for their new Go Forth global marketing campaign. The centerpiece of the project is a series of mural portraits -- carved by Vhils in his inimitable style -- which depict the faces of four Berliners who embody the pioneering spirit: an artist duo, a photographer, a community activist, and a personality who organizes outdoor karaoke parties that seem to fill entire parks. Remarkably, there is no obvious branding, just the words "Go Forth" inscribed underneath the faces.

The second part of the project is a temporary screen printing workshop in the borough of Mitte. Open until August 18th, the space is used to provide free screen printing instructions to visitors, as well as exhibit works from the pioneering creatives whose faces adorn city walls throughout Berlin. Their stories are featured in a video that you can view after the jump. Make sure to check out Vhils's amazing technique of using explosions to create his murals.