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Nike Better World | Behind The Scenes

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Nike's history with Wieden+Kennedy dates back to the 1980s (if you've ever wondered who came up with the "Just do it" tagline, that's them). Considering Nike's business model is practically a textbook example of the power of good marketing, its relationship with Wieden+Kennedy is one the company holds dear. The same can be said about Nike and sports itself, and how the brand uses sports, in tandem with their own products, to make a better world. So it makes sense, then, that Nike turned to their friends at Wieden+Kennedy to tell this particular story.

The result, Nike Better World, has been the talk of the town in the web dev community, and a primer on the effectiveness of marrying design and development. The builders of the site tuned out the content-is-king mantra. Instead, they embraced the notion that execution can be just as important as the message -- that the parallax scrolling works with the other design elements in a way that creates a uniquely compelling interactive experience.  Go there now and look for yourself -- the site is optimized for all platforms, including your Blackberry or iPhone. You can also go here for an interview with the guys from Wieden+Kennedy, and a lot more detailed information about how Nike Better World was created.