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Batmobile by Putsch Racing - Powered With Real Jet Turbine Engine

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Disappointment galore... Since the corny portrayal by actor Adam West to the recent arcane creation by director Christopher Nolan, none of the Batman's Batmobiles have actual powerplant which harness the dynamism of jet propulsion. Not till Casey Putsch of Putsch Racing put his engineering skills to the test. Built around an old turboshaft helicopter engine made by Boeing, the Putsch Racing Batmobile isn't just a replica but a functional jet engine powered Batmobile with an output of 365 horsepower. Able to seat 2 people under its sliding canopy, Putsch engineered his variant of the movie icon as with any of his race going vehicles. It even has a trunk for storage and a iPad center console for GPS and Internet connectivity. Engineered for ease of upkeep, though a turbine engine might need less maintenance than regular road going vehicles because of minimal moving parts. See this DIY marvel, in its high pitch bewailing glory, in a series of videos after the jump... via: Todd Cooperider






Technical Specifications:
- Decommissioned military helicopter turbine engine with 365 horsepower output
- 139" wheelbase
- 20 ft long
- 7 feet, 5 inches wide
- 2800 lbs without driver (est)
- Steel tube frame/monocoque chassis
- Fully independent cockpit-adjustable pneumatic suspension
- Limited slip differential
- Disc brakes
- 4 speed sequential shift, semi-automatic transmission with reverse
- Digital avionics with I-Pad for app support, GPS, and satellite internet
- Infra-red and visible light spectrum reverse cameras with cockpit monitor
- Sliding canopy
- On board fire suppression system