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Reebok - "International Party" Video | By Swizz Beatz

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Central to Reebok Classics' new Reethym of Lite campaign is the fast paced techno dance anthem International Party by hip-hop virtuoso Swizz Beatz. Its a declaration of a lifestyle, an amalgamation of creativity and trends, International Party also marks the return of Reebok Classics onto the TV screens as the label's first commercial. While the commercial is only a minute long, to have the concept fruition to reality was no easy task. With director Chris Robinson at the helm, choreographer Hi-Hat hosted worldwide auditions to finally arrived at the current 25 dancers on screen. Meanwhile, light artist Eliav Kadosh and installation experts from Light Rave International appointed California's massive Downey Studios, home of the Apollo Space Program, with advanced laser light installations. In effect, to have "Reethym of Lite" come to life and as the backdrop for the video. Todd Krinsky, Head of Reebok Classics, stated it best when described the project as "...the intersection of dance, art, street culture and sport..." You can see Reebok Classics' new "International Party" TV spot starting today. The video along with behind the scenes look are also available for view after the jump...