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Ford Transit Connect - Newly Approved NYC Taxi

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Earlier this year,  the Nissan NV2000 was given the nod to take over the Ford Crown Victoria as the next official NYC taxi cab, beating out the Ford Transit Connect and the Turkish Delight Karsan V1, the winner of an informal poll among New Yorkers. However, just as baseball's All-Star Game manager uses his own picks to fill out the roster, the Taxi and Limousine Commission of New York City can use its discretion to add cars to the city's cab fleet, an option they've just exercised with the Ford Transit Connect. So New Yorkers, be prepared to hail down these  2.0-liter natural gas powered vans as they drive up the street, even as the majority of you long for the day when the Karsan V1 will join the City Connect's ranks. via autoblog