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BMW DesignworksUSA x Sennheiser - S1 Digital Aviation Headphone For Pilots

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"Ladies & Gentlemen, This is your Captain speaking..." that familiar enchantment since the first days of aeronautical commute is about to undergo a sonic improvement thanks to BMW DesignworksUSA and Sennheiser. Introducing the S1 Digital, the first aviation headset for pilot of its kind. Exhibiting its engineering and industrial design prowess, BMW DesignworksUSA crafted a headset unit with optimal comfort in mind. Ear cups shaped in the forms of sweeping wings, the S1 Digital's spring steel construct allows a bespoke fit and yet retain its form when not in usage. The dynamic design also ensures a lower contact pressure, below industry standards, thus reduce pilot fatigue. With a small sliding control on the headband, pilots can adjust the fit themselves. There is even a "glasses zone", specific areas on the ear pads to correspond with the arms of sunglasses. Connected to a control unit, streamlined with LED graphics, volumes can be control separately for either right or left ear cup while NoiseGard actively cancel all background noise. There is even a Bluetooth connectivity option for cellphone or music player, though we recommended highly that no pilot use them during mid flight. After all, how frightening it would be to hear DMX's Up In Here blasting on the plane's intercom system...