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Nixon - The Synapse

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In the year 2150, mankind will use their watch not just for the purpose of tracking time. The most gimmickry of all accessories will serve a multitude of functions, from bio-sign monitoring, personal communication, and of course the coolest purpose of them all - a beacon for teleportation. But unless you're Marty McFly or one of those talking heads on Futurama, 2150 seems unattainable, or is it? Introducing The Synapse, a new futuristic timepiece from Nixon. Solid stainless steel pre-stressed to withstand 100-meter of pressure, the all-digital movement includes a chime alarm, timer, and chronograph functions. All of which are encased nice and neatly behind a hardened mineral glass. Nothing too unique here except for one, The Synapse is the first to include an innovative touch screen interface. With a simple tap and each of the function can be pull up. In a jam and need to pull a "MacGyver"? A few more gesture and you can have all the functions operating at the same time. Comes in gold, all-black, all-gunmetal, and black, The Synapse by Nixon will be available worldwide in the coming weeks.