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more trees x Herman Miller - Aeron with ART

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A new spin on an icon of modern design. Herman Miller's Aeron Chair, once the symbol of excess and go-go culture of the 1990s, will now be a catalysis for a great cause. In benefit of the ongoing recovery effort from Tohoku Area Pacific Offshore Earthquake & Tsunami, Herman Miller and environment advocates of more trees, asked 5 artists/designers in recreating the Aeron Chair. Participants include architects Yuko Nagayama, Yosuke Hayano, artists Kohei Nawa, Yasuhiro Suzuki, and floral artist Makoto Azuma. Each brought their conception of the Aeron and thus broaden its already sophisticated even further. One-of-one object of art, each creation will be auction next week with all proceeds going to LIFE311, a program to construct temporary housing for those displaced by the Tohoku Area Pacific Offshore Earthquake & Tsunami. All 5 are currently on display at Herman Miller Tokyo flagship.

warp by Yuko Nagayama 

In the white office space, Aeron Chair is fading out or fading in. People sometimes come and go in the consciousness between the timeline of ordinary and extraordinary. Aeron Chair, which became one with human, also comes and goes between the time.


more trees x Herman Miller - Aeron with ART - Yugo Nagayama


more trees x Herman Miller - Aeron with ART - Yugo Nagayama

Sit on Green Aeron Chair by Makoto Azuma


more trees x Herman Miller - Aeron with ART - Makoto Azuma


more trees x Herman Miller - Aeron with ART - Makoto Azuma

Aeron Chair for Air by Yasuhiro Suzuki

This unique chair was designed based on the analysis of human posture of sitting down on a chair at an office from technological point of view. The mechanism is formed in this sculpturesque chair. I recognize this chair as to form a female die to catch human body. Aeron Chair provides perfect fit and balance to meet ideal comfort as if human body is released from the gravity and sit on the air and become unifite. From such point of view, I tried to unite the image of balloon cut in shape of human and Aeron Chair. To fit "Air Man's" posture relax in air, I customized the chair to keep the recline position which normally wouldn't. Inside of the Air Man, there is an electrical pump to send the air in the room and imagine that the air of the room is sitting on the chair.


more trees x Herman Miller - Aeron with ART - Yasuhiro Suzuki

Swell-Aeron Chair by Kohei Nawa

Swell is the series of work to cover up the surface of motif, such as stuffed specimen that were gathered via internet, with foamed polyurethane which expand by chemical reaction. Beat up the 2-pack foamed polyurethane quickly inside of container and drop them on the motif as soon as the chemical reaction srats. These sticky foamed liquid moves slowly and keep on fluffing, then be harden in time. Repeat this method with spinning the motif in 360-degree and complicated swells in many different directions and sharp texture of material's peculiar will slowly eat up the motif surface. In the life style of modern to relay on visual, I used this material as our sense of metaphor that often causes tactile paralysis and other senses.


more trees x Herman Miller - Aeron with ART - Kohei Nawa


more trees x Herman Miller - Aeron with ART - Kohei Nawa


more trees x Herman Miller - Aeron with ART - Kohei Nawa

Ancestor of Chair-by Yosuke Hayano

It is a device to release the body from the earth and re-connect the body to earth as a second skin. It is the second membrane in expand of body which must lay together with geometry and math which appear as convergence point of civilization The chair is given, which appears in our history in different shapes on the stage of cultural activity of release and restraint body. Thousands of body had been danced on such stage and the chairs copied and remembered the body on negatives of membrane.

Productive activity in present time: Aeron Chair was born as image expansion of a body in office work. It is a projection of body living in modern society. There is a new movement given to expanded body. The movement gain speed and the second membrane shows expression as it is tearing apart as it move close to the critical point. The second skin is shivering loosing the touch of material and time is peeled off in madness. In such time, only the body sitting on a chair in human history and the ancestor face to each other. There is our own image after 1000 years after is sitting on the ancestor.


more trees x Herman Miller - Aeron with ART - Yosuke Hayano


more trees x Herman Miller - Aeron with ART - Yosuke Hayano