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Kevin Durant Rocked Harlem's Rucker Park With 66 Points | Video

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Where does Kevin Durant go during the off season? One thing for certain, its not some R/R time at Disney World. After a quick meet and greet tour in China on behalf of Nike Basketball, the NBA scoring champion took the opportunity to play at Harlem's Rucker Park Monday night. In part to fulfill his life-long dream, Durant join a roster of super stars - Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Julius Erving and Kobe Bryant, all took part in pick-up games at the consecrated ground of street ball. None, though, matched Durant's performance with a score of 66 points to lead his hometown street ball team of DC Power, 8 points shy of Rucker Park's record of 74 points by the playground legend Joe "The Destroyer" Hammond. Expect video loop to be on this week's ESPN Sports Center highlight of the week reel and once again proof why the shooting guard of Oklahoma City Thunder is the NBA player to watch in the next season.